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2019 Buy-in per player: $225 each ($2700 total pot) . You can get paid out 3 ways, Individual net Champion and runner up, Team Winners, and closest to the pins.


Individual Net

Cumulative net lowest score in 3 individual rounds. Rounds 1, 3, and 4 will all count

Champion : $500

Runner-up: $100

Last Place: $20

Team Format - 6 vs. 6

Each player on the winning team will receive $250, all 4 rounds will count. 



Day 1A: 2 vs. 2 best ball matches within foursome. Each 9 hole match is worth 1 total point. A wash and each team gets 0.5 points. 

Day 1B (only counts for team game): 2 vs. 2 Scramble for 9 holes worth 1 point. 2 vs. 2 alternate shot for 9 holes worth 1 point. 


Day 2:  2 vs. 2 best ball matches within foursome. Each 9 hole match is worth 1 total point.

Day 3 FINAL ROUND: Singles Match Play! Each singles match will be 9 hole matches, all worth one point. A total of 12 points possible. Pairings will be determined based on net standings. Each foursome will consist of two players from each team. You will play a 9 hole match against each player from opposing team within your foursome. 


First tee time will be players ranked #5, 6 within each team based on net standings. 2nd tee time will be #3,4. Final tee time will be players ranked #1,2 within each time and will likely also determine the overall net winner. 

Closest To The Pins

On all three rounds counting toward individual net, there will be closest to the pin contest on all par 3s. Each worth $25.00 to the closest (Day 1A hole 18 worth $50).

Day 1B Team Game

Stroke Play Event. Two members from every team will be paired against two players from the opposing team. The first 9 holes will be played as a two-man scramble. The second 9 holes will be played as alternate shot. Team with the total fewest strokes wins - this means you need to play out the hole even if you have already lost the hole to the opposing team. $30 per player. (To be clear: Each 9 holes will count as a point for overall team game as a match play event so we are playing both match and stroke play for this round.)


  1. Each round will be played with two players from each team in each foursome.

  2. Each individual needs to submit a photo of their handicap on August 15th.

  3. Max Handicap a player can take is 18.

  4. Rules of the individual course shall apply.

  5. Play the ball as it lies. No fluff. (Day 1B allows for club distance and fluffing)

  6. Max triple bogey on any given hole (just pick up your ball if you max).

  7. Gimmes are within the putter grip. (Day 1B gimmies are at the discretion of opposing team)

  8. White stakes are stroke and distance.

  9. Any questions on rulings should be brought up to Andrew or Ryan if they are in your group. If they are not in your grouping, it will be a group decision within your foursome.

  10. Additional side betting is highly suggested. 

Ryan Zickefoose and Andrew Lewis

Score and Rules Committee

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